I've got secrets & lies that would blow your mind.
- "You got one life, live it. Follow your dreams, quit your job, drop out
of school, tell your boyfriend that he's lousy, and walk out the
door. This is your time, this is your life. Dream as big as you want
to; it's the cheapest thing you'll ever do"

- Jared Leto

Anna. 22
Thirty Seconds To Mars. Addicted to Fringe. Breaking Bad. Movies. Diane Kruger. And a lot of stuff


You can freely talk to me, I don't bite ... At least, no lately.

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"At least I’ve given you an honest interview.
Not some fucking pre-canned actor bullshit."

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@shannonleto: …too crowded at the aquarium, no sea dragons for Shannon :(

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Fangirl Challenge

[6/10] tv shows - American Horror Story

I’m finding it really hard to look at your face because I really, really want to bash it in.”

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Message to Shannon / 30 Seconds To Mars Tallinn (15/07/2014)

I used to think I knew, now I’m not so sure.

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“Bien sûr que je ramperai à tes pieds, le cœur ensanglanté, de mon âme aveuglée qui en redemandera toujours, un peu plus d’amour.”
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